God bless the Filipino people by Betina
(photo from Yahoo.PH)

People say that rain signifies abundance, and that we should be thankful whenever it chooses to shower us with its entity. After everything that has happened the past week, people may think otherwise for Maring and the Monsoon has brought series of tragedies upon our country. Despite this, I still perceive the downpour as a blessing; for from the floods emerged the heroes everyone sought for.

God bless the Filipino people.

Please do not hesitate to volunteer and/or send in relief goods! The following universities, and schools are currently holding relief operations (click the link for more information!):
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World Trade Center Hall

ADHOC is so much more than the usual party everyone is accustomed to. Aside from it being the LARGEST COLLEGE PARTY all over Metro, this party will be featuring the hottest music by the best DJ’s, guarantees free-flowing drinks all night and will showcase a number of twists and surprises that are sure to make the crowd GO WILD.

All proceeds will go to Kids Integrated Development Through Schooling (KIDS) and the UP JMA Scholarship Fund.

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It kinda amazes me of how ombre shorts are made -- just look at mine, which I purchased from VBCPH, who CAN'T resist it? There's only one word to describe it: PERFECTION. 
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DIY: Studded Shorts X Alyssa
Nobody wants plain-Jane shorts anymore. In the generation of neon prints, and all things that glimmer, too many pairs of plain, boring shorts piled up in your closet could look very unappealing; so let's take a break from the OOTDs and start DIY-ing! (peace out)

Hopefully after this, you, too will get creative and will do something similar!

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Red Day x Marian

I was never the kind to do ootds. I was always too hesitant, and felt that I never had the need to do one. Triple Trouble aims to spark change; and as one of the bloggers, I guess it must spark some change in me, too.

Even though it isn't seen in this photo, the dress has a V-shaped cut at the back, covered with lace, so that it isn't too revealing.

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Sunday Morning by Tiarra
 Today was another Sunday morning. I usually go hear mass at Grace Christian College, my former school. Since I was going to church, I had an excuse to wear my long balloon skirt, hehe! I decided to pair it with a white tank top and a black sweater from KoKo Fashion, to lean towards a conservative and classy look.

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Everyone always wants to look her best. Some even consider splurging, all in the name of beauty -- constantly coating themselves with a heavy amount of make-up, preferring prints and things that shine even when they clash. Today, I will show you that these are not necessary to be beautiful, darling. This is an example of how less is more.

I started dressing up at the young age of thirteen, and my relatives would always tell me that I dress so mature, and have the potential to become a fashion designer. I'd always feel flattered whenever they'd say that.

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